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Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by kikobarbada, Aug 28, 2007.

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    Jun 28, 2007

    I have been really looking forward to buy a new computer, and with my new Mac Pro, I am buying two new screens ( currently using an old 17 CRT ). My question is, I want two screens that will fit side by side perfectly, so I am thinking about two exactly the same models screens, perhaps 2 23" ACD or 2 Dell's 24" or 2 Viewsonic 22" (really like this brand). A new idea has come to my mind, buy a 30"and a 20"and put the 20" 90 degrees tilted (facing down). Now, is it easy to configure that on Mac OS 10, and will the 30" and the 20" turned be of the same height? Because I have seen many people doing that and it worked!

    Thanks, Kiko.
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    I don't see any information on Apple's website about support for a vertical monitor setup with the Cinema displays. Unless you can talk to someone who's gotten it to work or find it documented from Apple, I wouldn't buy it expecting it to work.

    Plus the 20" is 1080 pixels wide and the 30" is 1600 pixels tall, so they don't match up exactly like you're asking. If you need 2 monitors, just find one you like a lot and buy two exactly the same. I like Viewsonic a lot as well.
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    Jun 28, 2007
    They are the best and one of the cheapest non-ultrasharp (I don't care) and glossy (even prefer it to matte) of all times. I have no idea why people buy Dell and HP monitors when there is Vewsonic.
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    Because my Dell has more inputs and is more adjustable than pretty much any other LCD monitor out there. Also, it uses a higher-quality IPS panel. That's why I bought the Dell.

    To answer your question, it's very easy to rotate the monitors on Macs; the setting is right in the Display preferences. I've done it a number of times with the Dell LCD attached to my iMac.
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    Someone around here has that setup, I've seen it in the setups thread. Think it was either Multimedia or Blakespot :confused:

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