Dual Speakers? Front speaker?

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  1. its Dale, Oct 6, 2014
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    Well im back to the iPhone side of things and loving it so far im happy.
    I had all iPhones (except 5s) and gave up my iPhone 5 a couple of months after release. I had the Galaxy s4 and then recently had an HTC One M8. Now I have an iPhone 6.


    I was watching youtube vids last night and noticed sound coming from the bottom speaker AND the front ear speaker. Is this a new feature or something? I dont recall audio coming from BOTH speakers in the past, especially the front ear speaker. Coming from the HTC One M8, im glad there's a front facing speaker.. Anyone else notice this?

    I was listening to it on low volume cuz my son was sleeping and thats when i noticed it. could just be the volume was so low that the sound from inside the phone projected it out making it sound like it was coming out of that front speaker. I tried this morning and it didnt work
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    That's a surprise to me.
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    May 18, 2013
    Perhaps you were dreaming. :p

    I suppose it's possible for the sound to bleed through the phone and come out the front facing speaker grille, but I kinda doubt it. The speaker should be sealed up pretty well.
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    yes you are correct lol. I guess at the low volume it was at, it sounded clear and smooth enough after bleeding through. definitley not dual speakers lol

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