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Jul 29, 2003
Silicon Valley
Has anyone tried both? Any comparative reviews?
Does one of them work better than the other for Apple Arcade games on the Apple TV?
Are there any issues in control latency with using one of these wirelessly?


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Apr 15, 2019
Id go with the xbox one just for the longer battery life. That big light in the front really drains the ps4 controller


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Nov 16, 2014
Any idea is there many games in arcade which supports 2 local players? If I have two controllers?


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Dec 13, 2003
as a avid gamer id say in general DS4 is better than the V1&V2 versions of the Xbox one controller the current V3 (has Bluetooth) fixed the bumper issues with the previous model etc. and would be superior to the DS4 but its a close race.

outside of the lack of bluetooth the xbox elite is superior to both (just xbox elite ver. 2 looks amazing, but mine hasnt arrived yet)

that said i tend to not have issue switching between them but many users have preferences when it comes to parallel stick or offset sticks (DS4 vs xbox)
so really that your deciding factor, if that's not a issue xbox wins as for long play sessions it tends to be slightly comfier.

with most 3rd party uses the unique features such as the DS4s touchpad or the xbox's force-feedback triggers aren't supported in which case the current xbox controller and a DS4 have effective feature parity outside of the previously mentioned stick placement.

honestly, i may be the worse person to ask cause i bought a console tuner titan2 so i can use basically any controller on practical any console, entertainment box,pc etc.
thus i tend to hop around, but if i had a gun to my head id go xbox over DS4 but id also go elite 2 if i had no controller right now.
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