Dublin at Night

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by brookied, May 4, 2007.

  1. brookied macrumors member

    Jan 22, 2007
  2. cool11 macrumors 65816


    Sep 3, 2006
  3. Mydriasis macrumors 6502


    Mar 17, 2005
    Amazing, yes! But I like them in Black and White, I think color could be distracting. ;)
  4. dcv macrumors G3

    May 24, 2005
    I know nothing about photography and don't have much of an 'eye' for this stuff but I think these are really beautiful photos. I especially like the last one with the bicycles in the foreground and the buildings just disappearing into nothingness in the background. Love the black & white.
  5. brookied thread starter macrumors member

    Jan 22, 2007
    hi guys
    thanks for the replies, on the color note, there is not a chance this will be in color. :D

    I am creating a collection of Black and white shots at night that go on sale from my blog. It is my own work to show Dublin at night during the next year.

    I plan on doing like wise with other cities but want to keep to a certain style.
    that being as little work in CS3 as possible leaving in the light flares etc...

    Hope you like.

    Long live Black and white. lol
  6. mfacey macrumors 65816


    Feb 1, 2004
    Just wondering: do you shoot the pictures in B&W on your camera or convert them afterwards in PS?
  7. brookied thread starter macrumors member

    Jan 22, 2007
    Photos are shot in colour .
    Using CS3 i then have a conversion method thats works for me. Add a Gradient filter layer,
    then brightness/contrast layer. and then curves and levels.

    My first B&W were simple remove saturation from the shor and leave it at that. these were more Gray levels than B&W

    I think i have got a lot better at my tonal ranges in CS3
  8. 0098386 Suspended


    Jan 18, 2005
    As soon as I saw the thread title I knew I'd be looking at some beautiful pictures. Good shoot, I think these would work better in black & white than colour.

    If this was DA you'd have just been favourited ;)
  9. brookied thread starter macrumors member

    Jan 22, 2007
    Thanks fort the kind comments, Question
    whats a "DA"?
  10. koobcamuk macrumors 68040


    Oct 23, 2006
    I don't suppose you could give a really small tutorial on how to do *similar* things like the one you mentioned... gradient layer, brightness/contrast layer and curves/levels. I don't like going grayscale all the time and my photoshop knowledge is pityful - so please pity me. PM me or post, I don't mind! :rolleyes:
  11. xJulianx macrumors 6502a


    Oct 1, 2006
    Brighton, UK
    Seeing images like that makes me want to go out, buy an SLR camera and fire away. Looks really, really nice.
  12. devilot Moderator emeritus


    May 1, 2005
    I'm sure he'll respond, but my guess would be Deviant Art. :eek:

    And I like your images. The first for the symmetry. The second for the mood. The third for the lines and forms-- a really nice effect of deep space and yet, it's an enclosed deep space. And I'm still formulating my feelings on the last image.

    :Edit: Okay, so I've been looking at your images some more... I think a lot of times, I'm drawn more to line and shapes more so than subjects or figures, if that makes any sense (if not, cut me some slack, I've had little sleep and I'm slightly hungover). I think the reason why I was having a harder time with the last image is that to me, it reads very differently than the others. I'm personally more drawn to the first few, but the last one is more effective in keeping the viewer in the frame, I think. As in, I think there is more going on for the eye to wander. Sigh. I'm not making much sense, not even to myself. :eek: Sorry.
  13. brookied thread starter macrumors member

    Jan 22, 2007
    OK and small how to on the conversion to B&W
    To Note this is all in photoshop CS3 so more than likely the same in CS2

    1) open raw image
    2) resize to 800x???
    3) add adjustment layer fro Gradient Filter and select the gray scale option
    4) add another adjustment layer and select "brightness/contrast" when applied i move the brightness down and contrast up. I like to go for a black and white look rather than a grey look
    5) goto filter menu and Sharpen option add sharpen filter,
    6) goto the filter menu and goto noise the "remove noise"
    7) goto layer and merge all layers
    8) you should have the finished piece.

    You can goto image and add canvas size to add a border if you like
    remember that when adding layers click on the original image layer each time or you get the wrong effect or no effect to the adjustment you are making.
  14. brookied thread starter macrumors member

    Jan 22, 2007
    The intention with the 4th shot was and is to make the viewer walk the street and vanish into nothingness.

    some feel it works and others think it does not.
  15. koobcamuk macrumors 68040


    Oct 23, 2006
    Many thanks. Great photos - consider me inspired.
  16. Lovesong macrumors 65816


    Sep 15, 2006
    Stuck beween a rock and a hard place
    Another beautiful set, mate. I really like the perspective on all of them. Keep it up.

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