DUE is a great app except...

Discussion in 'Apple Watch Apps' started by drober30, Jan 28, 2016.

  1. drober30 macrumors 6502a

    Jul 5, 2007
    The iCloud syncing is not reliable!
    I really like the thought process behind the app and how it works; however, the iCloud syncing is very unreliable!

    I have emailed the developer (support) twice and received no response.

    Are others having trouble with Due syncing via iCloud from Mac to iOS or vice versa?
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    Sadly, Due needs something faster than iCloud for syncing, given its nature - with it making a noise once a minute until you check it off or snooze it, if you snooze on one device you DO NOT WANT the other devices continuing to ring for a few minutes while waiting for sync to propagate.

    I was thrilled enough with Due on my iPhone that I eagerly awaited the Mac version, and also put it on my iPad when I got it. It's turned off on both my Mac and iPad now. I also put it on my Apple Watch,mans initially loved getting reminders that way, but, again, the lack of immediate sync led to me switching the Apple Watch version to not display reminders from the phone, so only my iPhone makes noise, but I can control it from the watch - this has been useful in a few rare circumstances, e.g. pinned to the couch by a cat, phone out reach but wearing watch. I'd love to have it active on my watch, as I did when I first set it up, but not if its going to continue ringing on the "other" device every so often.

    For point of comparison, I use an app called Notefile on Mac and iOS for occasionally moving around bits of text or URLs. And it's so fast (and reliable) syncing through Junecloud's (the developer's) proprietary service that when I add a note on one device, I can't pick up the other device fast enough to see the app before the new note arrives. For that specific use case, their own service blows iCloud away (iCloud has gotten much more reliable over time and works well for many things that it didn't at first). iCloud does a great job with other apps that can wait a few minutes for syncing to complete, but Due can't wait.

    FWIW, I have corresponded (both wrote to, and received responses from) with the developer before, on several occasions. Suggested new/different sounds (because it was confusing when my wife and I were using the one good sound), and more sounds did show up in an update, so they are listening.
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    Jul 5, 2007
    Great apps become excellent apps after real world feedback from those that use them in their daily activities.

    I never found iCloud to be an issue or perform slowly with other apps I use including Apples own.

    I make modifications to reminders on the Mac and the Due app will state that it has synced at 100% but the Apple Watch still continues to remind me with auto snooze.

    I really love what the developer is trying to do but I hope the App receives proper support. Last update to the app for iOS was last September.

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