Duke 3D doesn't work under OS X 10.6

Discussion in 'Mac and PC Games' started by Doraemon, Mar 21, 2011.

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    I know, this might be a little special interest, but I just realized that Duke Nukem 3D doesn't work anymore on MacOS X 10.6.
    I have Rosetta installed and active, so the app launches. The splash screen where Duke Nukem's atomic sign explodes is displayed correctly, but when the game menu show show, the monitor is only black. The music is playing and from the sounds also the menu works normally (when I move around the menu with the arrow keys and enter and escape keys). I can also start a new game (by randomly and blindly selecting some menus), but the monitor stays black.

    When I force quit the app though, for a split-second I can see the normal game's display output. This is the part that really confuses me.
    I tried fiddling around the config files with a text editor and change the screen resolution or play in windowed mode, but it had no effect. But since for this split-second, the game is displayed correctly, apparently it's not a screen resolution issue.
    Unfortunately, I know too little about Rosetta and how it works, so I can't figure out what else I could try.
    Any ideas, suggestions or maybe even solutions? I'd really appreciate! :)
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    Duke Nukem & Mac

    Mine does work and I have backed up my files from library if you want them.

    Be warned though, the new OS Lion will not work with Duke!

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