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Sep 10, 2003
OK, here is a dumb but serious problem.

I have to travel. While I'm gone I will have my iBook and my iPhone but no WIFI. I write long docs for my work (+100 pages). I have to send those docs to my office. So. Let's say I write a doc on my iBook. How do I then get the doc to my iPhone so I can email it?

Remember, my iBook won't have internet access.

I've tried putting docs in my "drafts" folder on my iBook's Mail app, but those docs do not show up in the "drafts" folder of my iPhone.

I've tried putting docs into my iPhoto, but iPhoto won't allow that.

And my iPhone won't let me use it as a modem...


Can anyone tell me how I can get a doc from my non-internet iBook to my Edge iPhone so I can email the doc?

Am I just being an idiot today and not seeing an obvious solution?

Thanks a million! 512ke


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Oct 8, 2007
Using some type of file browsing system and the program SendFile, it is very easy. Just download SendFile and put the files where it tells you to and then its easy.


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Jul 6, 2007
Wash DC suburbs
use firefox and a gspace extension/plugin + a gmail account.

This basically opens up a file explorer type of window, select file and upload to gmail account where it's stored as an email.

Then just forward it to whatever email account you wish.

I haven't used it on a mac but it works great on a PC.

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