Dumb iPhone Questions (About Email/Syncing)

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    I have a couple of questions about the iPhone's syncing and E-Mail.

    1. If I have a Gmail account (with IMAP), if I check new e-mails on my iPhone, will they be considered "read" on other devices (such as the Gmail Account on my MacBook Pro)?

    2. If I have my phone set to sync my Contacts and I accidentally deleted all my contacts off my Mac, will my iPhone then lose all its contacts the next time I sync it?

    Thanks in advance.
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    1. If you set up gmail as an exchange account it for sure will sync the read messages etc. I am not sure if you set it up as imap. If you set it up as exchange you can also get push email. Your mac would also need to be setup in the same manner and not using pop3.

    2. I would think so yes. I have my contacts syncing over the air and I am sure it would do this for over the air syncing. So I don't see why a cable sync would be any different.
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    See above in red.

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