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Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by thumb, Jun 15, 2006.

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    May 8, 2005
    hi all,

    i am completely ignorant of all things HDTV.

    is it possible to get a new computer monitor that is also HDTV compliant. I dont have HD cable subscription, but who knows, maybe i would get it. or HD movies. or maybe all new monitors can do this. I really don't know, i would love to be enlightened on this matter. I am considering the new dell 2407wfp monitor (or 2007wfp), and i think they are something called hdcp or close to that. Is that a specific type of hdtv? argh, just more acronyms to learn :)

    on a related note, what are the various opinions regarding getting 2 20" monitors vs 1 24"? they seem to be pretty close in price.


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    There aren't any computer monitors that have an HDTV tuner built in, but then most HTDVs don't, either.

    So long as the monitor has component inputs (which many higher-end ones do), it should theoretically be able to accept a signal from an external HTDV tuner. The tech specs will generally say something about this, if you look
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    May 8, 2005
    thanks, that is what i was looking for.

    there wouldnt be any problem running either of those dell monitors off of my tibook would there?
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    Jan 12, 2005
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    HDCP is High Definition Content Protection. this is just a Term for making sure that the content you play arent pirated DVD's and such. HDMI is the term for the cable type and is standard with most TV's now, it is the Same as DVI (for computers) but it has content Protection built into it (HDCP)

    There are many LDC monitors that will display HD content easily.
    It is dependent of the native resolution of the display
    The Apple 20" display is 1680x1050 so will display 720p HD content fine.
    THE 23 inch ACD is tru High Def @ 1920x1080 BUT IT only has 1 DVI Input. So wont work very well as a TV monitor And a computer screen.
    THE DELL 2407wfp (1920x1080) has component inputs as well as DVI. So it much easier to hook up to a DVD player / or HD Cable box. Plus its cheaper than Apple's display. GO WITH THE DELL 2407 if you want a TV and a computer screen.

    1080p 1,920x1,080 HD = prgressive scan (better for action movies)
    1080i 1,920x1,080 HD = interlaced
    720p 1,280x720 HD
    480p (DVD, EDTV) 852x480 EDTV
    Regular TV Up to 480 lines (640 x 480) NTSC
    This one explains the different between 1080p and 1080i

    There are other resolutions inbetween all of these: 1366x768 is a regular TV standard. that will display 720p images fine but has to downscale Movies that are Higher resolution.

    This Westinghouse Monitor is the likely TV that i will buy in the coming months (If i can find it anywhere in stock!!!))
    IT has a NATIVE 1920x1080 Resolution and it MANY Multiple inputs for Cable box, Computer, Game systems etc. Its the Way to GO!
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    May 8, 2005
    wow, that westinghouse is huge!!

    why is it only $1400 when the mere 30" ACD and dell are much more?

    does the 24" dell have 1080p or 1080i?

    sorry for my ignorance.
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    Jan 12, 2005
    Houston, Tx
    The WestingHouse is cheaper because it is only an HDTV Monitor. It will Display a DVD or Xbox 360 in high def but you cant just plug in the Coaxial cable into for cable TV: you need an HD tuner to watch High definition TV with. If You have Digital cable your cable provider usually gives you the HD tuner with your subscription. (Same if you get satellite TV)

    Companies want people to think they need to get an included tuner with their HDTV to watch High def television but in many cases they dont. This drives the cost of TVs up.

    Consider this for cost difference: The Apple and Dell Displays are Cramming the Same Pixel resolution into a MUCH smaller Package: 1920x1080 resolution into a 23" and 24" package(instead of 37") This is a MUCH denser pixel structure which give more clarity at close range (because you are sitting MUCH closer to it than you would a TV).
    ALSO :

    ALL LCD's natively have progressive output, not interlaced. The highest resolution you can go if you use the Component outputs on the DELL is 720p. IF YOU USE THE DVI input the highest resolution is 1080p. This is notable because there isnt any full 1080p DVD's players available (yet: Blu-Ray and HD-DVD will output to TRUE 1080p.) Most regular DVD's output @ 720p anyway (some upscale to 1080i) but there are no movies at that high a resolution YET.

    With the DELL 2407 you would do this: Hook up the Computer to the DVI input and your Cable box to the component output. ALL television broadcasting will be beautiful @ 720p. And you computer will have the 1920x1080 resolution. You would have to watch movies on the computer, cause i believe there is only one set of Component plugs.(used for cable/satellite box)

    This is why i like the 37" Westinghouse monitor cause it has 6 Digital inputs. you can watch DVDs on a DVD player or Through the Computer, you can plug in a Game system, and also a cable box, VCR, and maybe one more thing!.

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