Dungeon Plunder: an iOS Roguelike RPG game.

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    Dungeon Plunder is a casual roguelike RPG with a Slots-Hybrid combat system.

    Play this fun FREE game now:


    ★ TouchArcade 4.5/5 "... Dungeon Plunder's slot-based combat is clever, just one of several smart features that make it one of the better roguelike experiences on iOS." ★
    ★ IGN Featured Game of the Day ★
    ★ AppAdvice: 4.5/5 ★
    ★ The Indie Developer "... a solid 8.5/10" ★
    ★ L'Hebdo Digital's Game of the Week ★
    ★ JayIsGames: "... gives you precisely what you want in an RPG: looting, equipment, stuff to fight, and experience to gain." ★

    Trailer: YouTube


    ** Full randomization of overland and underground maps **

    Every game offers a different environment with a beautiful and diverse scenery, 90+ different monsters and bosses to defeat, ensuring several hours of replayability. Everything is rendered in classic yet crisp looking isometric style graphics.


    ** A fun and engaging combat system **

    Gone are the days of mindless tap tap until the mob dies with Dungeon Plunder. Combats are based on a pseudo-slots machine designed from the grounds up to be easily played on a mobile device: both your thumbs will quickly select symbols defining your battle moves for that round followed by a respin phase.

    There's also a cooldowns management aspect: burn them too early or hold on them for too long may cost your life.

    ** 5 character classes with distinct abilities and playing styles **

    Warrior, Mage and Rogue are available to play (with Ranger and Monk available for a one time $0.99 IAP). Each of them is different enough to entice you finishing the game several times.


    ** Skill points distribution on level up and many equipment slots to manage **

    I like RPGs with lots of equipment slots and skills customization so I shaped up Dungeon Plunder to be that way: every time you level up you will have 5 points to distribute among several different skills improving various aspect of your fighting abilities and your character has 11 equipment slots to upgrade


    ** An extensive legacy system **

    Roguelikes are typically merciless when you die. Dungeon Plunder is no exception but there's a twist: you will leave an inheritance to your next character such as gold, some of your old magical items and life scrolls that can heal you mid-fight.

    You may even unlock higher starting levels for future characters of your class and earn the ability to scribe legacy runes: mysterious stones that provide buffs shared among all your future characters.

    ** Full game center integration **

    40 achievements and 8 leader boards should keep you busy for a while with more to come in future updates.

    ** 8 Orchestral music tracks **

    High quality music suited to your surroundings will accompany your travel enhancing your game playing experience. The album will also be available for download on iTunes.


    ** Save the world! **

    Ultimately you will confront an evil archmage conjuring an ice age: the environment will be covered progressively in ice and snow as you travel through the perilous lands.

    ** Universal game, widescreen support, iCloud Synchronization **

    Dungeon Plunder is a universal game with full support of the widescreen iPhone5 and iPod Touch 5th generation. Starting Levels and runes are synced accross your devices.

    ** Friendly IAP model **

    2 expansion classes (Ranger and Monk) and cosmetic skins are available. That's all. There is absolutely no IAP for game currency, "gems", gold/exp doublers or anything else that affects game performance. Buy with confidence.

    Web site: http://www.dungeonplunder.com
    Twitter: http://twitter.com/DungeonPlunder
    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Dungeon-Plunder/200571750068087
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