Duplicate Calendar Entries?


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Feb 5, 2007
State of Denial
So I have calendar sync turned on in multiple locations (2 iPhones, iPad, desktop and laptop) and 3 calendar types (my work, wife's work, home)

Here is where I run into trouble. I can create an event on any device for any calendar and it syncs to the others just fine. That said I get duplicates of every entry on every machine.

Is there something I'm missing. If I delete one of the duplicates from one device, the next time it syncs with the others it comes right back.

Trying to convince the wife this will make things easier to keep track of but thus far its proving to be a PITA.

Any help would be great.


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Jul 23, 2010
I have had the same problem. The only way I "solved" it was to delete all the events on the computer and then the Iphone very quickly. Now I don't have the events on my calendar at all. Bummer.


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Jul 11, 2007
Torrance, CA
Yes, I believe you have something setup wrong. However, I only have 1 iPhone, iPad and Desktop.
Is the Desktop and Laptop Mac's or PC's? Are you using the MM Calendar Beta?
When you are testing do you have anything connected to iTunes and be any change you also have iTunes doing any kind of Syncing of the calendar.
If you are using a PC, are you Syncing with Outlook?

Assuming you feel all is setup properly I would do only 1 device at a time to see when you start to get a duplicate.

Always remember that MobileMe Web (the cloud) is the Master Copy. Everything Sync's with that. Do you have duplicates there? If so, do they all have the exact same Date and Time? If not, then your Master Copy is fine. If your Master Copy is fine (and this is EXTREMELY important) then you could clear you calendar on the individual devices and reload. For the iPhone under Settings / Mail, Calendar... you can just set Calendar to OFF. You will get a prompt to DELETE all entries. After that check to verify your Calendar is completely empty (go into your calendar). Then go back into settings and set back to ON. Very soon your calendar should be a duplicate of MM Web. If so, then just test with those two to make sure they sync properly. Then go forward to see where the problem seems to be.

I have found calendar syncing works great. Very solid from the beginning. I am now on the Calendar Beta. I really like the direction of the new Calendar.
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