Duplicate Contact's issue on iphone/address book.

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    HELP! :D

    I have had an iPhone over the last 4 years. When viewing my contacts on my iPhone I have tons of duplicate contacts. I also have duplicate contacts in my address book on my Macbook. I go to (Check for duplicates) and it says there are no duplicates, which is a pain, and there clearly is.

    I used to use my gmail account and sync my iPhone with my gmail contacts. Since then I have exported them, and into my address book on my Mac.

    Then came iCloud, synced my contacts to iCloud, and I just have a huge mess. I am afraid if I dont synch iCloud and address book I will have a certain contacts on one, and not the other.

    I've tried a search on the net.... I need a contact program where I can import ALL my contacts, from G-mail, my Mac's address book,and my iPhone. Then merge all the duplicates and then export them to my Address book and "Start Fresh, and have no duplicates.

    Does anyone know a good site to do this?
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    There are apps on iTunes Store that allows you to sync Google Contacts to your iPhone. Use one to replace all the contacts on your iPhone with the ones in Google. After which, delete all existing contacts in your Mac address book then configure your iPhone for iCloud syncing. Soon, your Mac address book will be in sync with your iPhone over the cloud.

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