Duplicate contacts on iPhone with mobileme

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    I have about 100 contacts on my mac address book, great, then I synced with mobileme, and now my iPhone has a duplicate of every single contact, so it's taking every contact from Mobileme, and every one from my address book. I have turned mobileme contacts on and off, turned contact synching on and off in iTunes, and restored the phone. Any ideas?
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    A solution

    This works great. I did it yesterday.

    From macosxhints.com:

    "On the iPhone, I deleted my MobileMe account, and then set it up again. When I then turned on MobileMe syncing for calendars and contacts, the iPhone told me there were existing records, and did I want to merge them with these newly-synced records. I said yes for both contacts and calendars, and that was the end of the duplicates!"


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