Duplicate OS+Files on External Hard Drive???

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by JackSYi, May 21, 2005.

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    Does anyone know how to make a copy of my entire Computer + files, + Applications, to an external hard drive so that when I trade my computer, I can have it on the new one? I would just connect my old one with the new one and do a migration but the deal is we both send it to each other at the same time. Please help. :confused: :confused: :confused:
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    I've heard people recommend Carbon Copy Cloner but I've never really used it myself. Plus, I'm pretty sure it won't work with Tiger if that's waht your current system runs. :(

    It might be worth a try though.
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    CCC is great donationware and can be found on Versiontracker, but you need to be logged in as root to get it to function properly in Tiger.

    From the download page there:

    Antarius: This will work in Tiger, but only if you log-in as root (System Administrator) first.
    Tiger has a new form of authenticating things, and CCC can't access your keychain properly, so you must use CCC as the root (or System Administrator as it's called in OSX) user to make it work properly.
    First you must enable the root user: /Applications/Utilities, open up NetInfo Manager, in the menubar select "security," then "authenticate," put your password is as required. Then go back to "security" and select "enable root."
    Log out of your current user, log back in, but this time choose to log in as "System Administrator," using your master password for the password at the user login panel, or choose "other" and type in "root" as your username, and your master password as your password.
    From here you can run Carbon Copy Cloner like normal, and it will still clone all of your data, your desktop will look a little different (as it's using a different set of preference files, since you're using a different user account), but the bottom line is all your data will be 100% properly cloned.
    Hope this helps.
    For security purposes I would recommend disabling the root user afterward and loggin in as yourself again.
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