Duplicate Photos Libraries On iCloud - How to Remove it?

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    I've installed my new iMac from the start and point my Photos app to my Photos Library that was located on my external SSD (I've done this to make a room on my iMac SSD).
    After pointing to this Library i went to Photos Preference and pressed on the "Use as System Photos Library" so i can Sync all the photos to my iCloud.
    I must say before the questions that my photos library already was uploaded to iCloud but i had to press it so i can continue sync all my devices and my iMac.
    When i did that i got a message telling me that i will not have enough room (I have 200Gb Plan) and i realize that the Photos app want to reload all mu Photos Library again to iCloud.

    Why is that?

    I don't want to have duplicate Photos Library on my iCloud and sure i don't have room for it

    what can i do ?

    Should i delete my photos library from the iCloud and upload it again from the start ? and if yes how do i do it? if i go the the iPhone iCloud settings and want to delete the photos library it saying that it will save it and delete it after 30 days...

    So as you can understand i'm in a big mess and i will love to get some help

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    Jul 23, 2007
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    Would going the opposite route work? Not pointing to an existing library, but creating a new one.

    If you renamed your Photos Library to Photos Library Old and then created a new Photos Library and set it as the system library, would it just download everything from the iCloud to your computer?

    Not the ideal way but it would save from possibly duplicating everything in iCloud.

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