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  1. njain, Jan 15, 2012
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    Aug 12, 2011
    So recently I got a macbook pro. I now will need to use this computer for syncing music with my iphone 4. I have my iphone set to manually manage music, but when I put music on the phone, for some reason there are duplicates of random songs on the phone. The weirdest part is that the duplicates don't show up under the music tab on the iphone when plugged into itunes. After all of this, I tried playing a song on my iphone and it started playing a different song then it said it was. What is going on here?

    By the way, I have both the iphone and itunes up to date and macbook is running lion.

    EDIT: I tried to restore the iphone and now in itunes it is stuck on the "set up my iphone" page where you get the option to restore from backup or as a new phone. I have already tried to restore from back up but in itunes it is stuck on the page.

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