Dust protection and lack thereof


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Feb 1, 2015
What's worrying me is the lack of IP67 certification, sure it's waterproof, but it's not dust proof. Should I be worried everything I blow into the mic to get rid of dust or debris? I don't want to run my watch under water each time i want to clean it...

Actually, does anyone know how does IPx7 work with regarding to dust? Am I over reacting to blowing my own breath into the apple watch to clear dust, or would that actually damage it due to a lack of certification?

Varth Dader

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Dec 21, 2011
Don't use compressed air. It harms the speaker and mic and (drumroll) only pushes dust deeper inside the device (any device, Apple or otherwise).

Some shipping tape lifts off oil and dust nicely. Or q-tip.


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Apr 16, 2015
Actually, does anyone know how does IPx7 work with regarding to dust?
IPx7 means it is NOT rated for dust. IP ratings go in the form of IPxx....the first x is for dust rating, the 2nd x is for water rating. The fact that the watch is rated IPx7 means that it is rated to be water resistant, but it has zero dust rating at all. It doesn't mean dust will be a problem, just that the watch has not passed any formal test to achieve certification for how it performes with dust.


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Sep 8, 2008
Just run it under some gently flowing warm water for a few seconds and dry with a soft cloth or towel. I've done this a few times already with no problems. Apple even recommends this method for cleaning gunk and dust out of the digital crown.
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