Dust Trapped Under Screen (iPad Air)

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    Oct 14, 2015
    [​IMG] I was quit lucky with my iPad when I bought it. It had no flaws whatsoever and worked perfectly. During the standard accident the screen had broken. To save a little money I got the screen replaced at a third party place for much cheaper and I'm assuming this voids the warranty. The one issue is that after the replacement, more and more dust keeps getting trapped under the screen, to the point where hairs are getting trapped under and it looks horrible. The thing is I can guarantee if I return it to Apple they will tell me I should of got the screen replaced with them.
    Do you have any suggestions, even temporary, of how I could solve this?
    EDIT: The home button on the device is very loose compared to normal and I suppose this is how the dust is getting in.
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    Jun 11, 2009
    yeah. you voided the warranty. if you go to the apple store and keep your mouth shut and don't admit to it, they might replace this under warranty. whoever replaced your screen botched the repair and thats the person you should talk too.

    if this happened to an ipad that never had its screen replaced, it would of been a factory defect and it would of been covered under warranty

    the people at the genius bar will probably know its not a real screen or apple didn't replace it

    since they do not replace screens at the store. they might not be able to check how legitimate your screen repair was , so you might get lucky and get a free swap out

    there is no screen repair at apple. they charge you for a replacement if they feel it wasn't under warranty

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