Dutch APR, AASP iCentre bankrupt

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    Sad news from Holland:

    Dutch APR and AASP with 34 stores in Holland has filed for bankruptcy.
    (English, less detailed)

    The Apple Store Amsterdam has brought negative impact, but surely not enough so that 34 stores and Business and Education sales had to go bust..?

    It seems that 24 stores will probably start again under new ownership: BAS Group (same guys that own Dixons - NL).

    Sad news.
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    It's possible that their business has been long been suffering too. It's long been the trend that Apple resellers are not too fond of Apple stores opening in their area since people buying Apple much prefer getting it from the source rather than a third party.
  3. Xeperu, Jun 19, 2013
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    I much prefer getting from a 3rd party re-seller not to have to deal with the crap at Apple concerning warranty. A lot of 3rd party re-sellers here in Holland offer standard 3 year warranty and others do not try to screw you out of 2 year legal EU warranty like Apple does. (A note: Apple does honour the 2 year term, but it takes a crapton of effort to get them to honour it, as spoken from experience).
    I liked iCentre, always friendly and always excellent service. They'll probably get a fresh start soon under a new owner.

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