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    Hey guys,

    Last year I have been working outside my hours on an application called Phoebeez, it starts with a story where the parents of a girl with down syndrome called Phoebe were looking for an iPad developer to create an application which focuses on creating structure in the kids life, since most autistic/down syndrome kids and their school use big boards with icons, so after I devoted myself in making this application for this girl, after the first tests we were convinced it would make a good app for other kids too. So we decided to publish it to the appstore, well, that day finally is here!

    You can download the app here ->
    Click me!

    Basically it's an Scheduler for each day, with the use of icons, has an weekly overview to where the kids can use the camera or their library to use their own images. The app also supports custom icons which you can put in via iTunes App file sharing.

    Atm, we use the library called Sclera for over 5000+ icons to use for the kids! We also only provide this app in Dutch atm, and are working to translate all these icons into as much languages possible :)

    Thanks for checking our project out..
    You can read more about it on our site
    Our Website

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