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Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by UberAlles, Jan 19, 2010.

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    Hi all,

    This question has likely been answered many times but I barely know which string to search so here goes...

    With the help of some smart colleagues here, I have learned to transfer files from my DV camcorder onto IMovie...and even extended that to porting 8mm tape footage to IMovie as well.

    So far I've been using the iDVD share which is pretty painless and bulletproof but I have to wonder if there aren't better encoders that are multicore capable. I have one of the pretty i7 27"ers so I want to extract as much CPU horsepower as possible......and based on the iStat numbers, I'm only using one core....are there any better/faster apps out there?

    Any thoughts or comments would be appreciated
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    Unfortunately, you won't find a lot of DVD video encoders outside of professional (i.e. not free) ones that are threaded beyond 1 or 2 CPU cores. These are commonly used ones that are multithreaded:

    Apple Compressor (part of Final Cut Studio)
    Adobe Media Encoder (part of Premiere and Production Premium)
    Sorensen Squeeze (available standalone or included with various Avid packages)

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