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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by mith, Nov 3, 2006.

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    basically i just want to rip a dvd into the imac den burn it into a blank dvd so i can have two copies,question is simple,,,( am a new mac user) anyz i just used MacTheRipper - 2.6.6 to rip a dvd , now i see the file on my computer ( it'z a 7.something GB file)- (it playz--that's all fine)--now how do i burn it back on to a blank dvd? which would i neeed DVD-R or DVD+ R , and do i need to use handbrake to compress it to another format like MPEG 4, and if i do that can i burn that to a DVD>

    so ya without using handbrake to compress it how do i burn what i have on my desktop now, or after using handbrake, how do i burn that to a blank dvd , (like what do i have to click on and all , u know like procedure>?

    and also do i need like a dvd burning software, or does the Imac come with one? IDVD>? am confused..thx in advance, also i can make a burn folder i see....can i just put the file in there and burn>?

    i have an intel core 2 duo 24-imac
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    The easiest thing to do is to buy a program called Toast Titanium 7. This will allow you to burn DVDs, CDs. It will also compress a video_ts folder if its over 4.7 GB so that it will fit on a single layer DVD. Otherwise, you'll need to purchase Dual Layer DVDs and burn it from there.

    Toast is around $80 and is found at nearly any place that sells Macs, including Apple Retail Stores, CompUSA's, etc...

    Toast is a pretty easy program to use. Its a lot like Easy CD Creator in the Windows side (made by the same company Roxio).

    So Toast will be your all-in-one burning program for anything. Mac OS X does have built in burn software and is actually pretty easy to use. Just put in a blank CD, drag whatever you want to burn to it, and then drag the CD to the trash, which will turn into the radioactive icon (OS X's burn icon), burn the CD and eject it. So its basically just drag n' drop. Also, one nice thing about the OS X built in software is it will burn the files from where ever they are instead of making a temporary copy elsewhere and then burning it. So if you're burning a large CD or DVD, you dont have to wait for it to copy to a temp directory before burning.

    iDVD will not burn movies for you just for the sake of burning DVDs. iDVD takes a home made movie made from something like iMovie and then you can design the interface of the DVD using the different templates that Apple provides in the iDVD application. So if you've ripped a DVD and want to burn it, iDVD won't do that.

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