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don Juan

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Sep 22, 2006
Terre Haute, Indiana
I just purchased a new white Macbook 2.0 and also a 2GB upgrade. It's my first Mac. I have a question for the forum. What kind of program can I use to rip audio tracks from my music DVDs? I need something relatively simple as I am not a power user. (yet!) I would appreciate any responses.
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Michael Brown


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Jan 28, 2006
I use a program called Audio Hijack (just do a Google search for it). It allows you to "hijack" applications on your Mac like the DVD Player, iTunes or Firefox and record the audio being produced by these applications to a local file. Then I just open the saved files in an editor like Garageband to trim them up and import them into iTunes for my iPod.


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audio hijack is great but it costs $

you can go the free route and google search for an app called Wiretap.

You can use that in demo mode for free as long as you don't use any extra features other than just recording.

it will record any sounds coming out of your speakers, so make sure you turn off the volume bleep before hand.