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Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by jamwin, Sep 16, 2010.

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    Sep 25, 2007
    I have a DVD that contains a demo video of some software. I want to retain the contents of VIDEO_TS, but update the menu so that when you put the DVD in your drive, it comes up with a menu that offers you the choice of playing the video, viewing a couple of PDFs, or copying either to your hard disk.

    Is any of that easy/possible? Will iDVD do it or do I need something more specialized?
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    iDVD would definitely not do this - if it's even possible. You would need something like DVD Studio Pro or an equivalent program. I don't believe you can program a DVD menu to make computer specific commands either - like opening or copying files. You can format the PDFs as images and make them into a DVD slideshow, but the resolution of that slideshow couldn't exceed standard definition (640x480).

    The best option I think you have is to note in the menu that there is additional content on the DVD. Then put the PDFs in as DVD-ROM content. That basically means that you can put the PDFs in a folder on the DVD itself and view/copy them as you please. This is something I believe even iDVD will do.
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    That'd be a trick and a half.

    If someone came to me with that request, I'd say "Flash". I'm not experienced in making HTML5 apps so I don't know if that's something that could be done going down that path.

    I'd be inclined to agree. DVDs play in DVD players, so I'd be surprised to find any way of programming a DVD to give access to files.

    I'd go with either Flash, or with a button on the menu leading to a movie that says "more content on disc look in this folder..." (jazz it up so people don't get annoyed by clicking on a menu item just to read three lines of text).
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    Google DVD@cess.
    It's a nightmare to use :(

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