DVD best compress method?

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by umbilical, Aug 28, 2008.

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    May 3, 2008
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    hi, whats the best way to compress a movie with loose ANY quality? with handbrake? I mean by example a original DVD that have 4.2gb of gb... so exist in this days something that convert that dvd in a file of 1gb o 2gb around but that keep the same quality, that don't loose anything quality.

    I see itunes store that movies are around 1.2gb but the DVDs have 4.2gb (dvd5) or even 7.2gb (dvd9) etc... more quality that itunes store movies???

    thats my question and my goal is rip and dream some day is that movies are in a single file with menus, subtitles, extras etc... and the size 1gb or 2gb maximum... if I be a development of handbrake or apple I'll try to create a software for do that...

    opinions? thanks
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    Flame me if you must, but the word is LOSE for Gawd's sake! LOOSE is what your grasp of the lexicon is if you type LOOSE for LOSE.

    Rant over.

    P.S. Okay just a tad more rant. Try not to take it personally: you're merely the outlet for my rage, Umbilical - I'm not zeroing in on you for any particular reason other than that I'm sick to the back teeth of this LOOSE usage!!!
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    Jun 30, 2007
    Anytime you convert one video form to another you are going to LOSE quality. I'm assuming that when you are saying LOSE, you are LOOSEly using the word LOSE, and not literally meaning you want 100% efficiency in conversion, which is way too much to ask. So please, LOOSE your grip on this LOSSless quest, and learn more important things. I would suggest starting with the proper use of verbs, grammar, punctuation and sentence structure.

    After that, just get handbrake and use the PS3 setting.

    Yours truly,
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    As the other have already stated, any time you compress a video or audio file, you WILL LOSE QUALITY. When you compress the file, some information from almost every frame has to be thrown out in order to make the file size smaller. Once that information is gone, there's no easy way of getting it back for viewing.

    To get the BEST possible quality from any compression, first determine what the end use of the file will be; for DVD you have to use MPEG-2 in order for the disc to be compatible with the DVD specification. But MPEG-2 isn't as efficient a codec as some of the newer MPEG-4 codecs. But your stuck with what is required for the intended viewing medium.

  5. ZballZ macrumors regular

    Nov 11, 2006
    Also note that a certain video-compression isn't always the same. Say your end format is Mpeg4, different settings and different apps will do a different job. Ultimately, a compression of a video that has the same output-size could look like **** using one method and great using another. It really is a jungle.

    When doing some sort of new type of conversion I always make a 30 seconds film-sequence and convert it with different apps at different settings. It being 30 seconds means that this is done quite fast. Then I evaluate the output, and go with the best!
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    If you compress into a single file, you will lose quality in order to reduce file size. The single file can't have the interacitve menus, because those are each a file. You click a menu item, this triggers an event that tells the system you want to work with that file.

    One file, no need for a menu. A menu for one file is kind of like only ever putting one file inside of a folder.

    Why make a folder for one file, now you'll just have hundreds of folders instead of hundreds of files. Hope you see what i'm getting at here.

    At any rate, the compression method definitely depends on your end use. If you just want to watch it using Front Row or Apple TV then use the h.264 .mp4 compression with about 1750 kb/s setting.

    If you want to watch on a windows machine then use the same, or .avi / divx settings at about the same kb/s rate.

    The Handbrake presets are pretty good, but can make a pretty big end file.

    Mess with them, and see what you get, and figure out what you like.


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