DVD/Bluray burner for rMBP?

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by mikeheenan, Mar 9, 2014.

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    Aug 8, 2007
    I recently bought the Samsung Se-506BB bluray/dvd burner for my rMBP. It has a lot of good reviews on Amazon and seems mac compatible. So far of the 10 discs that I burned, only 1 worked properly with no issues. The others either wouldn't play, or play with issues like pixelation, stuttering, fast mode etc. I'm returning it to get another unit to see if that's the issue but I started this thread to see what other folks are using. thanks!
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    Suggest adding more details:

    What file format & resolution did you burn / what software did you use to burn / what software are you using for playback?

    I got my son a Pioneer BDR-XD05 but the only project burned to Bluray disc to date was an uncompressed short film (422) for a film festival (ie made data disc using Finder); given the fact that it was 1080p 60 it did not playback without issues but I believe this was simply a case of not enough bandwidth.

    Haven't yet had the need to make a playable dvd yet, Bluray or regular (relatively new to Mac if you don't count one of the original Macintosh computers circa 1987 or so) nor do we have Bluray playback software (wish it was natively supported).
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    All but one of the discs were burned with Toast with VIDEO-TS folders. The other one was a DL bluray I was trying to shrink to a single layer, taking the MP4 and compressing down, again with Toast. I also used miDVD which I think gave me the working disc, but it also produced bad discs as well. All media was Verbatim.

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