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Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by jcarm24, Jul 3, 2006.

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    I bought a copy of Spy Game (Brad Pitt and Robert Redford) on DVD and have been having a problem with it. No matter what DVD player I play it on (except my PB) the subtitles are ALWAYS on. Even if I go to the audio setting and turn them off, they reappear as soon as I go back to the movie. I plugged my problem into Google, and it appears i'm not the only one with this problem. It so happens that this problem happened to most copies of Spy Game.

    Here's what i'm suggesting: I have ripped the DVD using Mac The Ripper, and the DVD file folder is sitting on my HD. Is there a way to find the subtitle files, delete them and then re-burn the disc?

    Since this is my first time burning a ripped DVD, i would also like to know how to burn a DVD now that I have that file folder (just for future reference). Should I use Toast? iDVD?

    I have no idea if this is possible or if the DVD will even work if the subtitle files are found and deleted. So any input would be appreciated.

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    Funny to think about this from a DVD author standpoint.

    I know its so much fun to debug a DVD, but you have to do it. Seems someone forgot this time around, a simple checkbox left unreviewed. morons.

    I dont know much about mactheripper, but I know if it can look inside the VIDEO-TS folder and read the files, you could extract the subtitles.

    , and a few others, will do what you want.

    if you have only the VIDEO_TS folder copied to your computer, that is not enough, you need another program to see inside those files and edit them for you.

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