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Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by MacFly123, Mar 19, 2008.

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    I am going to do a Senior Project for my bachelors degree and I want to do a "Virtual DVD" that can be downloaded from Apple TV/iTunes etc. It would be just a file but would function like a real DVD with menus, special features, interactivity, etc.

    Anyone know how this would be possible? I would love any help and ideas. I just looked at making disc images in DVD Studio Pro and iDVD. I have heard that QuickTime has some interactive capabilities. Would I have to hack iTunes or Apple TV or Front Row to make them recognize and play something like this?

    Really what I would love is a Virtual BluRay with menus, extras, lots of interaction and web capabilities etc. all in a single file or container or whatever technology it would require.

    I would probably just want it to show up in the movies list like all the other videos in your iTunes do, but imagine if Apple sold and rented movies like this through iTunes and Apple TV :D That is what I believe the future will be and it is what I want for sure.

    Thanks to all for any help, ideas, knowledge, etc. Let me know if I need to expound any further.
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    What you describe is not possible on an unmodified AppleTV. Being that it requires modification to work (and to my knowledge, no one has come up with a method of doing so, since the AppleTV has no DVD support of any kind), it is not a viable distribution method.

    For computers, all you have to do is author your DVD and save it as a Video_TS folder and run it from your hard drive. It will function just like a DVD in the optical drive. The obvious choice for distribution is as an .iso or a .dmg, both of which can be mounted directly.

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