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    Hey guys. I have a large collection of ripped DVD files (VideoTS stuff). Basically, when I have friends over, I'll show them the list of my files and we'll watch something. I never really got into FrontRow until the last few days, but I have to say I love it. When you go to the either Movies Section or the Previews section, I love how the titles are all laid out, with a cover art displayed on a nice black background. I was fooling around today to try to figure out how to re-create something like this. My best best would be to have my DVDs show up in the Movies Front Row section, with a cover art in the top. But not really sure if this is possible (maybe with aliases or something?) Anyways, I was also fooling around with putting a bunch of cover art into a folder and using AUTOMATER to use DVD player to open up the video-ts file automatically. I got it all in automater to work fine, but now when I open the jpg of the movie art, all it does is open preview. So no luck there either. Someone has to of tried this before, as it would be such a nice solution. Thanks
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    This is actually great and I'll def give it a try. One more thing though... Eventually, with the iTV and all, I will just burn all my DVDs and have an xvid or other iTV compatible format encoding of them. More ideally, this is what I'll be doing, so anyone got a solution for individual movie xvid files or something like that? Even with some coverart and stuff? thanks
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    Not sure about the cover art part I'm still looking for that myself. But as for other file types like DIVX and company. Front row will work with any file type that Quicktime has a plugin for. So all you need to do is install the DIVX plugin for Quicktime, and you should be able to see and play these file types in Front Row. :)

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