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Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by carduser22, May 9, 2007.

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    Nov 15, 2006
    Hello, I have tried the new version of Handbrake and it seems to work well...for the most part. The chapter markers and built-in presets are a good idea I think, but the chapter markets don't show up when I encode one (not that much of a big deal)

    I have tried several times to encode a version of The Little Mermaid with the Disney "FastPlay" feature. Could this new "fastplay" feature be messing up Handbrake to not allow it to read audio properly? I have a copy of it on my hard drive (can play in Apple DVD Player) and want to make it smaller so it's one big file to save space. A 5 GB file is a lot compared to around 1 GB with handbrake when you have a limited hard drive size.

    I had a problem with The Fog, after 3 minutes (after the opening scene) audio would stop with the file I encoded with the newest handbrake version. Tried it with the old version, problem solved.

    However, I get an excellent picture with the Little Mermaid, but no audio. No matter what type of encode I do, there is still no audio. Are Disney DVD's hard to make into one file, or just the Little Mermaid?

    1. MPEG-4: 1500 kbps video bitrate
    2-pass encode
    128 bit audio
    2. MPEG-4 : 1400 kbps video bitrate
    1-pass encode
    160 bit audio
    3. MPEG-4 (AVC): 1400 kbps video bitrate
    1-pass encode
    128 bit audio

    P.S. How come some videos have a VideoTS Folder and AudioTS Folder, while others only have a VideoTS folder? (AudioTS is usually empty)

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