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    I made a little promotion video. The video is really small. I build a menu from which you can go to the video, but you can also start a photo slideshow.

    Now the DVD is great. I burned it and everything worked, however the size of the DVD is something like 300 mb. The DVD will be duplicated a 100 times. I think it's a waste of money when you burn DVD's while you could use CD's.

    Google hasn't been much of a use as DVD on CD doesn't really work. (but if you succeed in finding links, please show me the results).

    So I was wondering if it was possible to burn the "DVD" on a CD. Or is this impossible because DVD players wont recognize CD as a DVD with a menu and video?

    When it is possible, how should I do this. Is it possible in DVD studio Pro or do I have to use other software (maybe something on windows).

    Thanks in advance.
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    A CD will not play as a legitimate DVD on any player I know of. You could make a VideoCD but that probably wouldn't play in much of anyone's player these days.

    If you want to make a DVD, you'll have to use DVD media to write it to.
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    Thanks guys. I also googled some more and also found out about the VideoCD.

    I searched some more for VideoCD and found that it has only half the resolution and it's MPEG 1. Also I doubt everyone will be able to play it.

    So I think I'll have to convince the guy to go with DVD's.
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    I would convince him to go with DVDs too, but you can actually have better than VCD on CD... SVCD is MPEG2 at 480x480 ( ~2000Kbit IIRC ) with MPEG2 audio as well and plays on almost all DVD players.

    It does not use the DVD standard for menus though and authoring one can be very difficult now days ( no one really supports the format anymore ). I think I burned my last one with the OSX programs MissingMediaBurner and MIssingMPEGTools

    I really don't think it's worth the hassle though. You're still losing a ton of resolution and bandwidth with SVCD.

    Maybe you could convince your buddy to make the list of people smaller and maybe provide a high quality quicktime version of the video on CD to other people? ( or make it downloadable? )

    Good luck!

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