DVD Player "High QualitY" Processor Requirement?

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by Makosuke, Aug 16, 2007.

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    This is a somewhat odd question, but does anybody have any idea what the minimum requirements for the Tiger DVD Player app to deinterlace video and properly upscale it to full screen?

    I ask this because I was considering building a little media server out of a broken iBook or some such, and figured that since (when I tried it with my tower) DVD Player did a significantly better job of upscaling than my set-top player, it'd be a nice bonus.

    Only thing is, Google, Apple, and a forum search haven't turned up what the requirement is. I know that a MBP and a G5 definitely can, and a G4 450 definitely can't (had the opportunity to try it on a Cube), but I don't know where the line inbetween falls.

    Anybody familiar with this?

    (Oh, and obviously in a perfect world I'd buy a nice MBP or Mini for the server and/or a nice upscaling dedicated DVD player or a TV that does its own high-quality upscaling, but I'm poor and it's really a bonus addition to a home project.)
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    It's probably down to the graphics cards in the respective machines. The one in the G4 probably doesn't have the capability to decode and upscale while the newer machines have graphics cards that can. Don't have a clue where the line is but i'm sure you'd be fine with any intel mini or even maybe the G4 version.
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    Hmm, I used the Panther DVD Player with a 576p DVD on a 400 MHz G3 and it did all the deinterlacing and played perfectly at full screen. The video card (I've forgotten which) has some sort of MPEG/DVD "sub-card".

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