DVD-R writing speed limit

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by arogge, Jan 28, 2007.

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    I used to have 2X and 4X DVD-R media and didn't have problems with writing these DVDs. A few months ago, I switched to 8X media and had one DVD fail to write. I switched to 16X media this month because my local store is replacing 8X DVDs with 16X DVD spindles. The first DVD on the spindle failed to write at all. The next one was good, but then the third DVD failed about 25% into the writing process. Maybe I could use a slower speed, but I'm paying a premium for 16X and I expect to be able to use it. Is this a problem only with cheap media, or is it a more common problem with the 16X speed? I noticed that the DVD writer also vibrates more when using 16X media instead of 8X media. The convenience of the faster write speed is good, but not if I get coasters.
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    If you use cheap media then you're going to have a disc or two fail on your, if not all of them sometimes. With media, cheaper isn't always better.

    Also, the faster you write, the more you apt to have errors. I'm not saying its going to happen every time, but the risk is there. I would try a good brand of media like Verbatim, or Sony. Two things can cause the media to vibrate. The writing on the top is throwing the disc off balance and/or its spinning faster to write at the faster speed.

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