DVD Regions 1 to 2??

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by Bulldog VII, Sep 22, 2009.

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    Hi All

    I have a question regarding regions on DVD's. In the UK we are on region 2, I want to buy a DVD from the US. I am only allowed 4 times to change the region on my Imac before it presumably locks it's self to which ever region was the last one used??

    Does anyone know how to (a) over-ride this lock down & (b) allow me to burn the region 1 DVD onto a region 2 disc so I can watch it on my TV??


    If you are interested I want series 4 of Weeds. They showed the first 3 series in the UK & then stopped...... so annoying!! :mad:
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    Just browsing the web for a more concrete answer, it appears that the general consensus is that attempting to override the DVD region code information could actually damage your Mac's SuperDrive, as the information is stored within the firmware for your computer.

    So, I think the easiest answer would be to switch to Region 1, then use some DVD-ripping software (like MacTheRipper or HandBrake), save the video files for future use, then put the Region back to 2.
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    ....or buy a cheap external DVD-ROM Drive which you set permanently to Region 1 and use for reading those DVDs.

    ....or get a MultiRegion DVD player to watch the Region 1 DVD on your TV.

    Don't do this - this will use up TWO of your region changes!!!
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    Really? Because after my browsing of the web, I came to a conclusion I should flash the drive with a RPC-1 firmware that removes region locking, just like you would do with any other optical Drive that's less Super.

    Besides, AFAIK the optical drive has it's own firmware, nothing to do with the main one.

    There's just one minor problem - the flashing process needs to be performed from Windows (natively, not running in a virtual machine).

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