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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by gan6660, Aug 30, 2009.

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    With school starting next week I want to rip my dvds to watch on my ipod touch on the bus. I do own all the dvds I will be ripping. Now I use handbrake and found that when I use the iphone/ipod touch setting the quality is terrible on my computer but fine on the ipod but if I use the universal setting it looks great on all of my devices now with I run into any problems using the universal setting? With this setting work on an ipod classic also? I would also like to get video artwork and have found the site getvideoartwork.com but how do I transfer the artowrk to the video? Thanks in advance.
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    When you set the resolution for your ipod touch you will look pixelated on your mac because the resolution is set to run on the ipod touch/iphone. It's either or, i guess if you use the normal settings it will run great on your mac screen, but won't be able to transfer to your ipod touch/ipod because the resolution is set differently. To apply the dvd art you go into itunes>>Movies>>Click on movie you want to apply the artwork to and then right click or command i to "Get info" once the dialog box opens it should have a tab for "artwork" click on that and drag artwork you have into that box and your all set.
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    with Handbrake you rip and then encode the DVD to a video file. if you want it to look good on your Mac use a higher resolution profile.

    or you could use MacTheRipper v2 (Power PC, freeware) or v3 (Intel, donationware) to rip your DVDs to full quality and then drag the ripped folder into DVD Player or VLC's Dock icon to play and/or burn to DVD for backups.
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    Actually this isn't the best way to tag video files. The information is stored in the iTunes library and will be lost if you wanted to put that video file on another computer or whatever. Download a program like Parsley is Atomically Delicious to embed the artwork into the video file (along with other metadata).
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