DVD-Ripping software: Any available that maintains menu structure?

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by iHeartTheApple, Mar 4, 2006.

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    So, I searched through DVD ripping threads to make sure I wasn't posting on something that's been done before. I couldn't find anything on this...

    I'm curious as to whether there is a way (and a corresponding piece of software) that I can rip a DVD while maintaining the original menu structure. In other words, can I rip a DVD and still be able to access special features and scene selections? I have been using HandBrake for all my ripping needs and it's been great and never given me a problem. But it doesn't offer this functionality...

    I hope this isn't an incredibly noobish question. :eek: Thank you for the help ahead of time.
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    Mac the Ripper will rip the entire DVD menu and all. Just place the DVD in and hit rip.
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    You cannot rip a DVD to a format like .mov for the iPod that will have the menu structure. You can use Mac The Ripper but it will not be able to go on the iPod, PSP, ect. If you want the special features in .mov format you can use HandBreak (search MacUpdate.com) and that will allow you to rip EVERYTHING (including adverts).

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