DVD Solution to go with FCPX?

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by kepardue, Sep 19, 2011.

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    Oct 28, 2006
    I'm migrating to a new system from a 6 year old Mac Pro running Final Cut Studio 2. I'm comfortable working with FCPX for new projects and the old system for old projects until Apple updates FCPX with the ability to import older projects, but I am wondering what you guys are using to replace DVD Studio Pro? I have FCP version 2; the installer is Carbon so won't run on Lion. I'd hate to have to purchase an Adobe suite just to get Encore out of it.
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    While I haven't used Toast in years, I would imagine that might work well. It's also currently part of the MacUpdate Bundle, which at $49 with a bunch of other potentially useful programs may be a good deal (The bundle ends in 2 days).


    Just noticed in another thread that there are workarounds for installing FCS2 on Lion. Basically it involves installing Rosetta from a SL disc.

    Here's one description of how to do it.
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    Good to know about Toast. I don't need a whole lot in the way of DVD authoring, but I will need to manually add some chapter points and have menus based on that. An extra plus is subtitle support for importing SRT files. I'll need to do some looking.
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    It continues to boggle my mind how Apple totally removed PPC support from Lion for this very reason because I would imagine that people that migrated over to FCP X and still need pro DVD authoring would want keep DVDSP around. I guess the only way around that is to avoid upgrading to Lion, but you don't really have that choice with a brand new machine...

    BTW, Encore comes bundled with Premiere Pro, so you don't necessary have to buy one of the suites to get it. But granted, $800 is still pretty steep just to get Encore.

    There is a workaround using Perian to get SRT files into Toast. There's an option in its settings that enables Quicktime to read SRT files and pass them through to other applications (like Toast). I've never really dug into actual disc authoring (as in, menu layouts and custom chapter marks) in Toast, but I would imagine its functionality in that regard is somewhat limited compared to full-blown authoring tools like DVDSP, Encore, Scenarist, etc.

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