DVD Studio Pro, HD or SD that is the question?

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by Declan3906, Mar 2, 2009.

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    Getting the best out of the DVD Studio Pro has become a problem. I want to DVD a h264 file and I'm not let do this in SD only in HD which apparently will only play on a MAC. I need it to be universally accessible! Do anyone know the best format for DVD Studio Pro, at the moment I'm using DVPAL and I think it could be better. The DVD is approximately 9mins long, coming from Avid Media Composer .Animation codec is too big... Got any ideas.. This is a question for an expert. production@keyframemedia.net
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    I am no expert, and most of my content goes to the terrible website at my paper, but I do know that DVDSP will only burn either an HD-DVD (mac only and a dead format) or SD-DVD (the standard but on its way out) You can make it widescreen format but you will still be encoding it at MPEG2.

    Lethal Wolfe will be here soon to fill in the gaps.... or Bigboss another poster that won't lead you wrong.
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    If you are trying to make a DVD that will play on normal set-top players and computers, then you are restricted to MPEG2 at 720x480. I would just export uncompressed SD and bring that into DVDSP. Then just make sure that you're encoding settings are set on high... and that will be as good as it'll get for SD DVD.

    If you are making a data DVD, then it'll really depend on what the intended purpose of the file is going to be (is this for further editing? just for viewing?).
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    Forget about HD when using DVDSP (except when you are content with an HD-DVD image file as end result that will only play on a :apple:)

    So SD it is. Make sure that in DVDSP you have chosen the right DVD settings BEFORE you create a new project (see picture)

    You have two options in adding the video content to your project:
    1. Import the video asset in its current format/codec
    2. Use Compressor to convert your video asset to the right MPEG2 format required fro your DVD disc

    In your case you have a H264 original. This file needs conversion before it can be put on a SD disc. When you use option 1, upon import, DVDSP will place a yellow or red dot next to the asset indicating it needs conversion. Upon DVD build DVDSP will use default settings to do the conversion for you.
    Note it the conversion is too complicated to DVDSP it will not let you import the video asset. This may happen when your original is NTSC (30 frames) and your DVD is set as PAL (25 frames).

    In case you want control over the conversion -> use Compressor. Compressor can bite practically any comversion-bullet.
    Choose the right Compressor preset and/or make one yourselves.
    Your one (1) H264 file will result in two (2) target files. One for containing video only, the other audio only. Import both files in DVDSP. A green bullet will appear.
    Now the Build process will be extremely fast as your video/audio does not require any further encoding.


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