DVD writer for Power mac G4 Yikes?


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Mar 6, 2005
Hi could anyone reccomend me a DVD writer i could use with my Yikes PCI powermac G4, one that i could preferably boot from?

As well as this which PCI wireless cards are reccomended for use with macs?

Many Thanks,



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Jul 3, 2002
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DVD Burner + PCI Wireless

Best bet is the DVR-104+ series from Pioneer. They range from the 104-109 now and support dual layer in the later versions... (If using a 108 or 109 you will most likely need a patch, Patchburn3 to use).

The PCI card is a bit trickier, I like the Linksys V2 Broadcom cards but they are becoming hard to find. (no longer made). This card looks like an airport to the system and requires no patches (at least to date, 10.3.8)
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