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Jul 9, 2001
Anyone out ther have this program and know how to get it to work? I've made a backup of one of my dvd's but all the backup files seem not to be playable in any program. How do I backup a dvd and then watch the backup of it?


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Jan 23, 2002
I've never had a problem with DVDBackup. The mosty common mistake I've seen people make is to burn the VIDEO_TS folder as a file. Make sure that you are using Toast 5 and have chosen "DVD" as your format. Attempting to use iDVD or DVD Studio Pro will result in an unusable coaster. As far as I know, only Toast can burn a usable backup disc.

Always make sure to test your VIDEO_TS folder before you burn it. DVD Player in OS X can play DVD folders that are on your HD (just go to "File" and "open"). This will NOT work in OS 9 DVD Player! If you want to be 100% sure, it's best to create a disc image in Toast, then mount that image. If it plays, then you know for certain that you've done everything correctly. Now burn the disc.

(BTW, if you are running Jaguar, Toast 5.1.4 does not mount disc images. An update from Roxio should be released soon.)

If you want to find some good Mac-based info on DVD backups and the like, check out this forum:

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