DVI-A and DVI-B???

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by kntgsp, Mar 27, 2006.

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    Ok so I recently got an LCDTV with DVI and VGA inputs on it. However the salesguy said that apparently DVI for tv's is different than DVI on computers, (dvi-a vs. dvi-b) and that I wouldn't be able to plug in a computer through the dvi input.....is he full of crap? I never thought that was true............

    Anyway, is this DVI-A/B junk for real? I know HDMI is just DVI with sound in one cable. But anybody who uses a stereo system and not the integrated garbage speakers on a tv don't need that anyway. There are splitter for video/audio for HDMI signals so you just hook up the DVI to the TV and audio to the stereo.

    Anyway WTF is the difference? IS there one? I'm so confused I'm about ready to punch the salesman in the mouth.
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    Laslo Panaflex

    May 1, 2003
    DVI-A is analog only, DVI-B doesn't exist, he must have meant DVI-D, which is digital.

    Look here for more info.


    You should be able to hook your computer to your TV, you just need to right cable.
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    So a TV doesn't have to have a "special" DVI input? Cuz this moron at Best Buy kept telling me that you can't connect a TV to it. Even though it has a DVI input, not HDMI.

    And on a side note, what if a TV has no DVI inputs, only 2 HDMI's? (the other one I was thinking of getting). Is there a way to hook it up to that? Since HDMI is basically just DVI with sound, is there some way to work that?
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    Laslo Panaflex

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    You need to get an DVI to HDCP cable, like these:


    Keep in mind sound doesn't transfer, so unless the HDMI source has additional audio input on that HDMI source, you have to use external sound, like your home theater.

    Edit: Whatever TV you get, make sure it supports HDCP if you plan on hooking up a bluray or HD-DVD player in the future.

    HDCP info:
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    Wrong, you need a DVI to HDMI cable/adapter. Since DVI and HDMI are the same thing (DVI only carries video, HDMI carries video and audio) when interchanging between formats no quality is lost. However, if using a HDMI source, an alternate souce of sound will be needed.

    Correct about HDCP tho. :)
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    In regards to DVI-A/D I thought one carried both analog and digital signals, and the other just digital. That has always confused me. :confused:

    Don't be in such a hurry to stroke your ego. Laslo said the exact same thing
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    Here you go...

    But I agree this doesn't make a whole lot of sense... the first letter in the acronym stands for Digital and there is a type that is analog only? What the crap?! Did Microsoft invent this thing? J/k... :D
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