DVI-D to DVI-I Adapter

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    Jul 15, 2006

    So I went by the apple store the other day to pick up a mini-dvi to dvi adapter.
    My main computer (using an LCD screen) has DVI, and VGA inputs. I was able to plug the DVI adapter into it just fine,

    however I dont want to use it on that screen, I have a CRT (yes I know :rolleyes: ) screen (VGA only) that I want to plug my macbook into on occasion, so that I can use it with the lid closed, that way I dont use the macbook screen.

    anyway, I have a dvi to vga adapter that I was going to use for the crt screen. little did i know when I bought the mini-dvi to dvi adapter that there were different types of dvi connectors!

    This is what comes out of of my mini-dvi adapter
    and I need it to go into this...

    according to that website i have a DVI-D and I need it to do into a DVI-I

    Can anyone point me to an adapter, DVI-D to-DVI-I, or DVI-D to VGA?
    that is under $20, since I could get a mini-dvi to vga for that!

    Thank You,
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    Jul 15, 2006
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    Sep 10, 2006
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    That won't work. That adapter, like every other DVI->VGA adapter, is only for DVI-I ports.

    You need to buy the mini-DVI to VGA adapter. You can't convert from DVI-D to VGA (analog) because DVI-D no longer carries the analog signal. It's simply not there, so just finding something with the right pins (even if it existed, which it doesn't AFAIK) wouldn't work.

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