DVI Monitor, Macbook, PS3, other HDMI Devices Solution

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by mikenike192, Apr 7, 2008.

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    Ok so I was thinking about a potential setup I have in mind and am having trouble finding a solution for. Ok so here is what I am thinking, if I buy lets say a 22" DVI monitor that is HDCP compliant, macbook, and ps3 (which i have). What would be a solution for hooking up all this up to the monitor so i could switch sources on a monitor with one DVI input. (ignore the audio aspect that easier to figure out since i wana get some z-5500s that have multiple inputs) Ok well i google for a DVI switch and all I find is DVI KVM switches which is not what I am looking for. There are also DVI switches no KVM but they are expensive and i've heard problems of some not supporting widescreen resolutions and having problems with ps3s.

    Another route to go is buying an HDMI only monitor (not cheap yet...) or buying a couple of DVI to HDMI sets and going into the monitor with hdmi and converting macbook dvi to hdmi. Then i would go through an hdmi switch which are like 50 bucks on monoprice, but im concerned with all the switching of interface mediums would yield a loss of quality or something with HDCP would screw everything up.

    Is there any light you guys can shed on this situations? Some links would be nice to products.
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    You would save money and clutter by just getting a monitor that has multiple inputs instead of a monitor and DVI switch. What type of budget are you aiming for?

    Link: monitors with DVI, HDMI, and HDCP support.
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    another option, I just found this it has 4 hdmi inputs plus a dvi input all with audio inputs and it outputs to hdmi its only like 80 dollars heres a link Does anyone have any experience with this.

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