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Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by Macnoviz, Jan 1, 2010.

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    Hi, I'm on a neverending quest to connect my macbook to my (not so) HD-ready LCD. The only way to input an HD signal to the LCD is component. So, I went on the internets and bought a vga to component cable. However, due to some difference in signal, this did not work out well.

    Now, I purchased a DVI to component cable and a mini DVI to DVI cable. But apparently, there is more than one DVI. The component one is DVI-I, the mac one is DVI-D. You can get a piece to connect the two, but I was wondering wether or not this would actually work. I'm beginning to fear that the mac will only send a digital signal, whereas the DVI to component is probably meant to take an analog signal. Is there a way around this without buying a box like this?

    in other words: can a macbook output an analog DVI signal?
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    DVI-I is actually both DVI-D (Digital) and DVI-A (Analog) on the same connector. The Apple Mini-DVI to DVI adapters, only deal with the Digital portion. However, component is analog. The reason your VGA to Component cable did not work is that VGA encodes the signal in RGB (Red, Green, and Blue) and most Component systems use YPbPr.

    What you really want is something like this http://www.amazon.com/Component-Ypbpr-VGA-Audio-Converter/dp/B0014BL9PO which will convert the RGB signal from your VGA Adapter into the more compatible YPbPr for the TV.

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    Just to add that there is a sync part to this problem. on a VGA cable the sync is separated into a separate horizontal and vertical line where on a component cable the sync is added to the green line. Just food for thought.

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