DVI to S-Video/Composite Adapter only Black and White

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by m85476585, Feb 20, 2010.

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    I have the last model of MBP with a real DVI connector, and lately I've been having a problem with the DVI to Video Out adapter. When I connect my MBP to my TV with either S-Video or Composite, the picture is only black and white. Resolution settings don't have any effect on the color, and the encoding (NTSC) is properly set, and PAL isn't even available as an option.

    I tried connecting the output to my EyeTV card, but I got rainbow colors, possibly due to interference between the input and output (maybe a ground loop or something). I think there was some color shown.

    I'm going to try to hook the output up to the TV tuners in my Windows PC, but that's turning out to be a whole lot harder than I expected. Windows Media Center doesn't seem to support recording off (or viewing) analog inputs, or at least not easily. One of my TV cards doesn't have proper drivers for Windows 7, so media center often bulescreens. Adding on all the DPC issues I've been having and I'm starting to think Windows 7 isn't worth the trouble yet.
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    Sounds like something is broken along the S-Video part as S-Video splits the color and black and white into two different wires (on an S-Video cable you will see 4 wires, one each for color and B&W and then 2 for the ground of each). You could have a broken pin on the cable, or the adapter is bad. Since the S-Video part is broken it's going to do the same B&W picture with composite cabling because all you have to do is merge the 2 picture wires into one and same with the ground and you have composite video.
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    Feb 26, 2008
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    Does it happen all the time?
    I saw this same problem a few times , the adapter works fine mostly except on that one tv.
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    Feb 26, 2008
    I don't have any other TVs to try it with. I was going to try connecting the output of the adapter to the TV tuner cards in my desktop PC, but I'm having issues getting the video input working.

    The TV has no problem with input from regular video sources (DVD, VCR, Wii, Nintendo 64, and PS2 by composite video) and other laptops with S-video, so I'm fairly sure it's not the TV (although it could be a problem with the combination of the TV and this adapter).

    Another bluescreen caused by the TV tuners :( I wish EyeTV worked on Windows.

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