Dying rMBP 2012 had to settle for a port-less MBP

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by wilsonlaidlaw, Feb 2, 2017.

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    My 2012 15" rMBP is dying with a failing graphic system, leading to frequent crashes with GPU kernel panics. Apple was offering a repair programme for this but in a perfect example of Murphy's Law, this ended at 31st December 2016. I will try and blag Apple into at least a discounted repair because otherwise financially it is not worth repairing, with a new logic unit required. In that the problem started about 6 weeks ago, I will try and persuade Apple that the first signs of the problem fell within the repair window.

    In the meantime, as a professional photographer I need a working, non-crashing fast big screen Mac laptop. My usual supplier DSJ Applestore in London had the perfect one for me, a new 2016 15" 2.8 gHz with a 1TB SSD, the model before Apple decided in their wisdom, to delete most of the ports. However, Murphy was still at it and while I waited for Jit, DSJ's owner, to phone me back to take the order, someone came into the store and bought it. DSJ will not be getting any more of those.

    So reluctantly I have had to settle for one of the new 15.4" Touchbar MBP's with 2.7 gHz, 16GB, 512GB SSD, but with the horrible USB C ports. I was staggered by what some companies are charging for dongles, upwards of £200. I have found on Amazon UK a dongle by Benfei, with charge through, HDMI, 2 x USB3-A sockets, RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet and standard plus micro SD slots all for £56. If it really is too good to be true, it can go straight back to Amazon. I detest dongles but at least if this one works, it does all I need in a single reasonably small box which does not need an external power supply. My Leica SL camera will tether to the USB3-A port with its 3 metre micro USB3 to USB3-A cable and my main portable drive, a Lacie external 1TB SSD which has a USB3A cable, will work as well.

    Luckily my current rMBP had a brief good spell yesterday afternoon, which enabled me to take a Carbon Copy Clone off it. This is much better for transferring Apps, than Apple's migration assistant from Time Machine, as the licence/registrations are transferred seamlessly. Otherwise it is a long job, going back though invoices and receipts, trying to find all the registration codes for the many dozens of apps I have.
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    I dont get it. You really sound like you aren't digging the new macbooks, Im sure you could just place an order online for the 15' models from a vendor. Why settle then?
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    I could not find a fast 15" MBP with the 2GB graphics/16GB and a 512 or 1TB SSD. I had a good phone round and nobody could source one - they seem to have become like gold dust. Apple are now only taking orders with 1GB graphics for the 15" model in the UK. I would have very happily bought one, if I could have found one at the right spec from a UK dealer. I have now committed to the Touchbar model and bought the dongle, so I am resigned to living with USB-C and dongles for the foreseeable future. It is being hand delivered to me on Monday.
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    The repair program is still active for computers purchased within 4 years. If you got your 2012 towards the end of the model year, it is still covered if within the last 4 years.

    If you dislike the 2016 version, why not get a refurb 2014 or 2015 15-inch with the I7-4870HQ or I7-4980HQ? They are faster than the processors in the current version in some respects, and the Nvidia and AMD GPUs in each model have proven sound and reliable, although less capable than the current AMD version. Arguably, refurbs go through more QC than new models do, and the 2014 and 2015 are the outcome of the lessons learned with the first two retina generations, giving outstanding refinement & reliability that is as Apple as Apple can be, and probably for $500+ less than what you spent.

    They will show up here when available. They often get high-end models with the 512/1000GB SSDs. (although you might need the UK site?) They go fast. Some local Apple Stores carry refurbs, although they seem to carry base models more often than flagship tiers.

    You shouldn't have to settle with that much money at hand. The 2016 seems to be a great computer, and most of the bugs/quirks people are experiencing seem to be relatively minor, for the most part. BUT, if you aren't happy with the 2016, believe me when I say that the 2014 and 2015 15-inch MacBook Pros are among the finest of desktop replacement laptops ever made.
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    My wife uses a 2015 15" rMBP, so I know how good they can be.

    My last appalling experience with an Apple refurb some years ago, put me off for life and I would never buy anything through that system again. The other issue is battery life on a refurb, as they don't usually fit new batteries on the machines with glued in batteries. I am a heavy user and my current rMBP is down to 71% health after 754 cycles and I suspect that is optimistic.

    Once my regular phone line gets repaired (the electricity people dug through the duct on the main road at the bottom of our drive on Monday, allowing the duct to flood but they have finished today, so BT can now come back and dig the road up again to repair the duct and lines), I will get onto Apple about a concessionary repair. The machine was new in October 2012. Very oddly we have kept our VDSL/2 broadband but lost voice calls. Usually when we have line damage somewhere in the long phone line on poles, up to our farmhouse, broadband is the first thing that goes.

    Typically, since I ordered the new MBP yesterday afternoon, the 2012 one has decided to behave itself and has not crashed once. I suspect it is temperature dependant and when it gets hot after heavy use, like converting a large batch of 24MP DNG's to 16 bit TIFF's, it then starts to crash.
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    Was there a question in here or a story?

    As to dongles, you appear to have purchased a multi-port hub, which is great. It's worth getting a USB-A/C 'dongle' for just incase. Otherwise just buy a USB-C to B cable for your camera, and a new USB-C cable for the HDD.

    I get so confused over the confusion of the word 'dongle'. To me a dongle is an adapter, but people seem to be calling anything and everything with a USB-C port on the end a dongle. Like a USB-C to A cable is a dongle, but a USB-A to B, or Micro B, or 3B, or whatever, was not a dongle but was perfectly acceptable? So confused :confused:

    P.S. not a criticism of you OP. Just genuinely confused over why USB-C dongles have become such a thing, seeing as USB-A has only ever really been a standard on the PC side of the cable, the other end has been all kinds of things. But no one ever complained about it until they changed the other end of it.
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    #DongleLife - get used to it. Maybe in 3-4 years, you can look forward to being mostly all USB-c

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