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Jul 26, 2007
I have been with the iPhone since the beginning and I have started to feel bored with iOS the last couple of years. I am tempted to try out a Note 9, but I just can't do it based on several factors (own too many apple products, iMessage, etc.)

I feel like one thing that will help the staleness of iOS is allowing 3rd party developers to design Dynamic Wallpapers. These are the moving backgrounds that are on in the background. These of course are different then the live backgrounds that seem pretty pointless to me as you need to use 3D touch and they are only available on the lock screen, which opens now when I look at it.

I assume that Apple is not allowing this as it would eat up battery, but it seems to work pretty well on Android devices. Anyway, with the delay of mutli-facetime, it seems like iOS 12 is a boring update.
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Jun 15, 2010
ios11 was and has continued to be a dumpster fire for a lot of users. so a "boring update" that's mainly optimizations and bug fixes is a welcome relief.
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