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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by OBXconsumer, Feb 5, 2014.

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    Feb 5, 2014
    I decided to make wreaths for next Christmas and bought the basic wreath half price late in December, hoping to get to the stores to get wreath making supplies (picks, flowers, etc) half price. I missed all this and did not make it to the stores in time. When searching online, I could not find anything I could afford at the online stores. Therefore, I went on Ebay thinking I could get the stuff for a lot less money. (I live on an island and am near no stores.) BOYYYYY was I wrong!! Since then I have learned that they use the word "Vintage" for old stuff that is falling apart. They sell things that should be thrown in the trash and they are charging ridiculous amounts, which makes you think it is actually worth something. By the time I ordered things and paid all the Shipping & Handling fees, I had spent more than if I had bought things new at the store. Since then, I found a good online site that is having a sale on picks, but now I cannot afford to buy them - brand new, sparkly, and pretty. People are selling garage sale items like they are pristine, valuable items and the pictures are always better than the item actually is!! They are selling pure JUNK!!
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    Oct 21, 2013
    they don't make you buy any of it... what you buy on ebay is 100% your choice, and i have gotten some fantastic deals on ebay.
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    Buyer beware as they say. Know the market value of the stuff you're buying and work into that the S&H and any fees.

    I'd say eBay is not a rip off but rather the buyer needs to be careful
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    That's a very inaccurate generalization. It's pretty simple...take a close look at the pictures that are posted on the listing, read the entire description, ask the seller for more info/pictures (before bidding) if you feel you need more info, pay attention to the shipping costs, and be sure to buy from reputable sellers.
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    You signed up on a Mac forum to complain about a eBay problem?
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    Apr 15, 2012
    I love the cheap junk on Ebay. While it's definitely morally questionable, I'm glad that there are those Asian sellers that offer ear rings for a buck or two, Apple keyboard silicone covers for a dollar - they work GREAT (Moshi in the Apple store $29.95?!), kitchen supplies like silicone rolling mats, steel pastry cutters and so on... I just have no idea how they are able to sell that stuff without charging for shipping.

    It just depends on what you're buying - I mean there's not much that you can do wrong when buying a silicone cover for your mac for a dollar, while I definitely would stay FAR FAR away from electronics like chargers (suicide commando) or even mechanical products where you know that the build quality is essential (although I must say that the hinges in the ear hoops that I've bought were pretty decent).
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    Aug 17, 2007
    Agreed. One has to do his homework before buying on ebay.
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    Did you post this to the wrong website by chance?:confused:
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    I must have - sorry

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