E-mailer says suits drove it bankrupt


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Apr 3, 2004
caveman_uk said:
You're lucky then. Half my mail is for pharmaceuticals or hooky software. Don't seem to get much porn spam these days....
Maybe you changed your internet habits lately?! ;)



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Jun 26, 2004
What nice about this is MS is using it money power to do damage. MS does not have to win the law suit to acompletion it goal. It just have to drive them under with legal fees


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Aug 15, 2001
The Cool Part of CA, USA
Hey, look, an area in which MS's absurd resources and general abuse of "the system" can actually benefit not only their own users, but everybody else, too.

I'm not entirely sure that, in the grand scheme of things, spammers are more harmful to society than Microsoft, but they're annoying on such a consistent basis that I won't complain if MS decides to go after them, either.

I also find the assertion that this guy is a legit businessman outright amusing; he admits to sending 15 million e-mails a day, which if you assume he's only targeting people in the US (since that's where any legit business would be targetins sales, though in fact since he's a spammer I'm sure it's not that precicely targeted) and that about 3/4 of the US has access, then he's sent 25 spam messages per year to every internet-connected man, woman, and child in the US. Like anybody has a legit reason to send that much advertising.

The sad part is that he's close to the surface of the spam world if he actually has employees and is willing to cite figures; the real sleaze (viagra and bootleg MS software) just use bot computers to do their dirty work, and probably send out ten times his volume.

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