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Sep 13, 2001
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I was looking at Motorolas website for G5 info (I know, it's not going to be there, I can still hope though :)) Starting from our guess that the G5 is going to be related to the MPC8540 I looked for info on it. I found this : http://www.motorola.com/mediacenter/news/detail/0,1958,568_322_23,00.html

Some of the more interesting stuff
"The MPC8540 integrates dual gigabit ethernet controllers, a 10/100 controller, a 64-bit PCI-X controller operating at up to 133MHz, a DDR memory controller, a 4-channel DMA engine, a multi-channel interrupt controller and a DUART serial interface."

DDR, PCI-X, and gigabit would work great for a new powermac. Anyone know what a "DUART serial interface" is?

"The MPC8540 integrates 256KB of on-chip L2 cache, a coherency module that connects the core and memory controller to processor peripherals, and introduces a revolutionary non-blocking crossbar switch fabric called OCeaN (On-Chip Network). Leveraging the concepts of the RapidIO interconnect standard, OCeaN enables full duplex port connections at 128Gb/s concurrent throughput and independent per port transaction queuing and flow control. "

"MPC8540 will be manufactured using the advanced HiPerMOS 7 (HiP7) 0.13-micron copper fabrication process technology."

"600MHz - 1GHz, with power consumption expected to be 6.5W at 800MHz"

"As the first RapidIO-enabled processor, and first processor to utilize the powerful e500 core"

I wonder what other products will use the e500 core? G5, anyone?

"About Motorola's e500 Core
Announced in June 2001, Motorola's e500 high performance core is the first core from Motorola to implement the enhanced PowerPC "Book E" instruction set architecture."


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Jan 30, 2002
The MPC8540 is a G5 processor.

And a DUART is a Dual Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter which is the electronics that controls serial ports - in this case 2 ports since it is dual.


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May 28, 2001
I knew they could pull it!

But it also says 'Samples of the MPC8540 are expected to be available in the second half of 2002.'
2 things that strike me: first the word sample.
and second, the second half of 2002; being July etc..
So any solid move to the Mac platform will be first half of 2003; being MWSF :D; if they get ridd of the word sample of course.

My guess about this e500 core extra add-on to the G5 aka G4.

G4 is actually G5.
The first G4 had a serie of instructions (altivec) that could process 128-bit.
Improvements to G4 adding more series of instructions (so that almost every app can take advantage of the G4 V Engine) is the G5. (Motorola and Apple never claimed that the G5 would be a new chip, they only said that there would be a complete new architecture= new instructions)
And this e500 core will actually be added to the G4 aka G3

(I saw a graph in Macformat not sure what month, but must have been around May last year, where the dev of powerPC arch was outlined, and G6 would be released 2003-2004) So this could very well be the first steps towards G6 instead of us thinking G5.
This was only Motorala dev team Speculations! Not thruth (let's hope it is though;) )

What does this mean for tomorrow's releases MWNY?
Improved arch, more series of instructions, faster RAM etc...
which will be already a major speed bump.
Sorry guys, although I also want that they release a new chip G5, I don't think we'll see anything BIG BIG until MWSF2003 ---> But that will be a big one even by our standards!;)

Apple will be concentrating on Software this year which is better then good.
A superior computer is not only set by a fast system (that is for only 35%)
The software is worth 75%!!!!!

Look at the competition, speed unlimited, but apps pfff.
I ever told you guys the story of my father in law with his ever crashing, brand-new AMD1700+ XP, win XP...:D
I will spare you guys the amount of time I invested in setting the system back to work, because you will all start cursing just by reading.
I can tell you one thing though, I'm happy every time I come home where my loyal iMac is waiting for me, with great looking apps, never crashing system, ...
Even though it is only a iMac DV+ 450 I wouldn't trade it for the fastest peecee ever

Apple rules!


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Jan 30, 2002
Just to clarify a couple of things about the e500 core...

A while ago Apple, IBM and Motorola got together to define what 64 bit processing would look like in the PPC architecture. The result was something called Book E which is simply a design spec. The idea was to have all 64 bit PPC implementations have the same base functionality regardless of who developed them.

The e500 core is Motorola's implementation of Book E in a microprocessor, meaning it is full 64 bit, etc. It's important to note that Book E does not include anything about I/O, memory type, Altivec, etc.

Motorola decided to design a high performance chip for communications devices, so they added Rapid IO, Gigabit Ethernet, Altivec , PCI X, 333MHz DDR and a few other things, connected it all together with OCEAN and the MPC8540 was born.

Word has it, as we've seen many times before, that Apple is leading the development of the computer workstation version of the 85xx. It will have many similarities to the 8540 plus some differences. Only question is - how far along are they?